Pricing Information

Tree pruning and removal prices vary based on several factors.  The base charge is figured by the type and size of the tree.  Additional adjustments may be made due to obstructions or hazards within and/or around the tree.  Charges include removal of debris and clean up.  Adjustments are available to customers that wish to haul away their own debris.

Stump grinding charges are generally listed on the estimate, but the work will be invoiced separately from the tree removal.  Charges include removal of stump chips and filling holes with soil to eliminate hazards.

Shrub pruning is based on each trunk bundle at ground level.

Shrub removal charges are based on the type of plant. Stump and root removal is included in this service for most plants. Large shrub trunks that require stump grinding will incur an additional charge based on stump grinding charges.

Tree planting (or transplanting) labor is based on the size of the tree which dictates the size of the hole to be dug.  If a tree is purchased, it is billed as a reimbursable charge for the cost of the tree (including tax, delivery, etc.).

Discounts, when available, are only applied to labor related charges.  Any third party purchases (e.g. purchase of a tree) do not qualify for discounts, other than any offers provided by the vendor.